Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Game

And, A Superbowl, Too

Shells and asparagus adrift in a sea of french cheese

Big Putt

It seems like Phil Mickelson always misses the big prize, “by the width of a Wheatie flake”, but for all these years he has seen big winners come and go, while he has stayed in the top 5.

Lit by the setting sun

Fish Food

That is the brain of a fish, lighting up when it sees a paramecium, (food), swimming around. Here is more food for thought.

A low beam of sunlight strikes just right

The Phil Seymour Band

We played at the Shasta Blues Society last night, and we had a lot great musical moments.

Here is one of songs we played that John and I recently wrote;

Taste Of Romance

Today’s Slideshow;

Where The Roses Bloom

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