Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Warm Thoughts

For Valentines Everywhere

The Phil Seymour Band will be playing Valentines Day in the evening for the Shasta Blues Society as the opening act for the Thursday Blues Jam. I will try to select a few romantic blues songs for our playlist.

It was another picture perfect day here in Redding, at the Treehouse Apartments.

I had a chance to try some more experiments with the FZ35, and the results were encouraging.

John and I started writing another promising new song today. Fortunately, when we get these ideas, I record them. Otherwise, some of the best parts would be forgotten before they stick in our brains.

Did I mention that I am learning how to set the controls on the new/used camera, the way I like them? I took this picture of the moon tonight with one of the aperture settings that I have used on the other FZ cameras. I am so pleased with the result I would jump up and down with ecstatic glee, except it would not please my downstairs neighbor, or my back.

This newly opened rose along the driveway seemed to light up for the lens today. It must know I will use one of it’s profiles for a valentine before this night is through.

There is an article about silk moths that were trained to drive a robot car that I was going to write about last night. Yes, it’s true. The researchers placed a bit of female moth pheromone in one corner of the test area, then put male moths on a control wheel that could steer the robot car. The moths learned quickly and drove right to the scented target.

What was interesting to me, were the tests where the steering was skewed to pull to one side. The moths figured out how to compensate for the flaw, and drove the car to the target. That is some powerful perfume and those are some determined moths.

I wanted to put the video on here, last night, but since the new improvements to YouTube, embed functions got disabled on many peoples channels, without them knowing. Until that gets resolved, you can click on this LINK to read the article and see the moths drive.

Be Kind, Be Happy

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