Monday, February 25, 2013

SD Card Saga

A New Experience

When I began planning tonight’s blog post, it seemed like I should include a couple of stills from last night’s slideshow video. It’s a good thing that I did.

Do drop in, there’s plenty of room

When I got home this evening, I discovered that the 8Gb SD card with all the spectacular pix I took on the way back from the Jefferson State Blues Society Sunday Jam, had quit working.

Fortunately, I have extra 4Gb SD cards that will work in the FZ35 and I took these nice clear moon images, tonight.

These moon shots are amazing to me. I took them from my balcony, hand holding the camera.  I do not have a steady hand, but I have learned how to keep relatively still with my eye on the viewfinder and the camera up against my eyebrow. That, combined with the optical stabilizer, helps me get long zoom, slow shutter speed, clear shots, some of the time.

I think it is interesting that one can see a slew of faces on the moon when pictures are this clear. Of course I can alway squint and blur my vision to the point where I see the traditional ‘man in the moon’.

My trusty companion, the inner cosmic voice, (intuition/collective consciousness/guardian angel), showed me a 'sign' last week, when a 32Gb class 10 HCSD super pooper SD card showed up on one of the sites I visit. The card was on sale for a low price I could afford. Thinking I might need it one day, I ordered one. I love it when these magical ‘coincidences’ occur. It will arrive early this week, (perhaps tomorrow).

There was a moon picture from Saturday where a bird flew to the perfect spot to make a balanced artistic composition. I spent an hour or two ‘playing’ with it to find the right look for a birthday card. I ended up with several versions, (concepts/treatments/variations on a theme).

I didn’t use this design for the card, but it goes well with tonight’s theme.

Tonight’s 26 Movie Video;

ABCinema - Take 2 from Evan Seitz on">Vimeo

Tuned In

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