Thursday, February 7, 2013


Fractal Replication


I have been on an austerity budget for a few months, in an attempt to test the feasibility of growing my economy by cutting back even more than the last time I trimmed my living expenses.

It seems like I am a small municipality that is trying to reduce expenditures, while still keeping the infrastructure and services in good shape, without increasing revenue. The mayor of my fictitious burg, purchases a used fire truck that can supplement the old one. They can just squeak by financially, but then the city bus breaks down.

What to do? The best course, economically would be to take out a low interest loan and invest in a streetcar and other things that make a town a nice place to live in. That would increase property values and attract business and homeowners, ultimately generating enough revenue to pay off the loan and have a surplus.

30,000 feet overhead

Or, one could do something imaginative to keep the bus running. It would be costly if a maintenance truck would have to drive out to the stranded bus to get it started periodically, so a jump starter pack would be a time saving, handy device.

Like this

Well, now that’s what I did to save the expense of hundreds of dollars trying to diagnose, locate and repair whatever the glitch in the electrical system is that drains the battery sometimes on the Buick. I no longer have to enlist the assistance of my friends and neighbors if I need a jump start when the battery is low.

I can examine each circuit at my leisure, until I find the short, secure in the knowledge that I can jump start it whenever, or wherever, if it becomes necessary.

Once the car is running, all is well and the battery charges up while I comfortably travel to and from my destinations. The only times that the battery gets really low, are driving around town in the rain, running the wipers, lights and defroster at the same time, or when I don’t drive for a few days in a row.

I try to save money, and reduce gasoline consumption by changing my habit of just hopping in the car and driving willy nilly, here and there. It is part of my austerity measures as well as being aware of the ecological damage caused by burning gasoline to transport me from place to place. But sometimes the best budget intentions lead to unintended difficulties, like dead batteries, because I don’t drive the car enough to keep it charged.

So I found a suitable solution that costs less than a triple A card, or an electrical diagnosis and repair bill. Is it perfect? No, but it works.
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