Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Is Revealed

With Every Passing Day

The pictures I took of the moon tonight were the clearest I have taken, yet. I am thrilled and amazed at the results from the Lumix FZ35. The more I experiment, the more it shows its technical, optical, capabilities.

In case you are wondering what the names of the lunar features are...

Here is a map of the moon with the names of the Seas, (Mare’s), and major craters. You can find more maps and information where I found this map. Moon Maps

Image Credit - NASA

The orientation is a bit different, but you should be able to locate the Sea of Serenity, Sea of Tranquility, and Sea of Fertility with ease. The Sea of Crises sits away to the right of them.

Meanwhile, Here On Earth

This delightful ‘driveway rose’ stands alone above it’s scruffy bush below. It has plenty of personality from all directions, and reveals a bit more of itself each day. I find it to be a very entertaining subject for testing the new Lumix camera.

The long lens, (18x optical zoom), allows me to find new paths through the foliage to frame images of our north state volcanos. Once the leaves return, this shot won’t be possible.

It was a good day for sitting out in the sunshine. Doris’ cat, Baby, is enjoying a gato siesta on Doris’ porch railing. Doris was asleep in a chair on her porch at the time I took this.

There still are people who find it easier to smugly deny Climate Change and Global Warming, because Rush told them it was a hoax. I used to be puzzled as to why they would prefer the lie to reality, but I recently found a few studies of the brain that explained it.
One of them is HERE

I read another article where I learned that some people don’t get inside themselves to feel their heart beat, blood coursing through their veins, and other senses that some of us take for granted. Other studies show that those of us who have this natural capability, can go to the same place, (state of being), that meditation sometimes achieves.

In addition to the correlation between low self-image and inner awareness, they had a similar lack of pre-frontal cortex activity like was discovered in the republican brains.

It was near dark when I took this picture of Mount Lassen tonight. I used manual focus, and kept the ISO at 100. What a camera! Life is one fascinating discovery after another.

Now to see if I can format this blog and post it before midnight.

Today’s Revealing Video;

Yawns from Everynone on Vimeo.

A Yawning Chasm

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