Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's A Poppy

That’s What It Is

This one flower showed up in Dorothy’s garden on Monday. I couldn’t figure out what it was. It had such unusual structure when I looked more closely.

I saw Dorothy today, and asked her if she had seen the flower. I described it to her as white concave petals, surrounding a pin cushion center ringed by yellow puffed wheat looking things which were ringed by blue puffed wheat shaped things.

It had a bristley, long, round stem and leaves that looked like they belonged to a carrot, I added.

She seemed puzzled, so I went out and took a couple of pictures. I brought the camera to the dining room and showed her a picture.

“It’s a poppy”, she said.

The weather has been mild with occasional designer clouds to add dimension and scale to pix of the local volcanoes and mountains.

The time of day casts a different light on the view of Mount Lassen from the Treehouse Senior Apartments, (The apartments aren’t seniors - they aren’t even old enough to vote). It’s the people who live in them that are the seniors.

In case you missed it, here is a picture of the full moon. I took it last night, but the almanac says it’s a full moon tonight, too.

On Monday, I experimented with another place to position myself next to the piano. It seemed to work nicely. I could see, and sing to all the tables where the happy Monday Jamboree regulars, sit.

Photo credit - Margaret Miller

There is only one item I will need to add to make this work better; A music stand.

I usually have my playbook on the table in front of me, but a table is not part of this new arrangement. I like the openness of this setup, but I sometimes need to glance at the words and music to keep from going astray.

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this big oak against the twilight of the western sky.

What a world we get to live in.

Today’s Video;

Be Kind, Be Happy

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