Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Every so often, I try to use Google Chrome for my browser needs. It would seem like the obvious choice, given my years of using Google products to create this blog.

I think the last time was a year, or two, ago. At that time, resizing the images to fit the page layout was bothersome because Google was using an antiquated system that was time consuming and ill suited to the creative process.

As I use Chrome this evening, I am pleased to find that I can use the handles on the image box to size the pictures and images.

I have been noticing other improvements to the Chrome experience on the MacBook. The finger gestures work better than they do on Firefox. That is not exactly a fair comparison. I don’t actually know what the regular Firefox browser does, or doesn’t do, for I am a beta tester for FF, and some features get left behind right after each update. There are as many as 4 changes to the beta browser each week, as new advancements and tools are written.

Nevertheless, Chrome seems to work smoothly, and in some ways better than Firefox, this time. I thought that Chrome had failed a couple of times while writing this post, tonight. But I can see the modem from here, and the internet connection went ‘off the air’ at those times I thought Chrome was acting up.

Today was partly rainy with temperatures in the 40’s. I did manage to get a few pictures of the Treehouse roses during a period when the sun was making a valiant effort to burn through the clouds.

I tried a few different settings on the same roses to find out how the new/used Lumix FZ35 would capture the colors and depth of detail under wet conditions. The results are very promising and I am beginning to feel more comfortable with this latest addition to my Panasonic Lumix camera collection.

So, there you have it. I am using Chrome to produce tonight’s post.

I could have written about the lack of media coverage about the very important demonstration against the Keystone pipeline that is intended to pump Tar Sands oil from Canada, across the midwest to Port Arthur, Texas, where the oil will be refined then loaded on supertankers bound for China and other global destinations.

None of that oil will benefit the U.S., but when the pipeline leaks, ruptures, and spills repeatedly over the years, it will poison the water and land that it crosses. I guess the short term profits for the oil companies are more important than letting the American people know that farmers, ranchers, economists, scientists, and climatologists gathered at the White House, along with 50,000 concerned citizens to ask the president to deny the permit for this bad news, oil company flim flam.

But I won’t spend too much time on that topic. I have already used more words on the story than NBC, CBS, or ABC.

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