Saturday, January 28, 2012

Backup Plan

Workin’ On It

One of the nice things about having a stable living situation, is that a person can think in terms of a backup plan.


This little bitty sunflower that I’ve been following for about a month, has a backup plan. I can see the structures in this plant that might produce at least six or seven sunflower seeds.


The point is that whether or not this sunflower plant survives long enough, it is preparing for the future.

I too, live in a world of possibilities.

I have a backup plan for my computer, but it recently got full.

With some much appreciated financial assistance, I was able to get a bigger external hard drive to accommodate the large volumes of data that I accumulate with audio, video, and graphic design production.

Two of my happy philodendron housemates

I use a backup program called Time Machine that is designed for Apple products. It uses a little more space than just directly storing data, because it has a wonderful magical graphical interface that allows you to flow back through the various days, months, and years that you have been using your computer.

I enjoy the luxury of going back in time through my hard drive until I find the file, picture, or application I’m looking for. I can then highlight it, click restore, and it flows back through time and lands right on my desktop where I am at in the present time.

The drawback with Time Machine is that the magic takes a little bit of extra space on the external backup hard drive, and the 1 TB hard drive that I got last year is full.

So today I got this 3 TB hard drive that should last for at least three years, depending on how busy I get with data intensive projects.

Today’s Somewhat Relative Video;

Sunny Weekend Ahead

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