Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Souls

Happy Hearts

We have a couple of crows here at the Treehouse Apartments, that have become part of our community. They seem to know each and every one of us by sight, and if the researchers are correct, they have an impression of each of our personalities.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out who the crows are performing for, but you can sometimes see them actually giving you the eye and checking to see if you’re paying attention.

I feel very fortunate to have the time and the mental acuity to observe the animals and plants that live alongside me. I spent many years being oblivious to the natural community that we live in. The rest of earths denizens are fully cognizant of who we humans are and what we are doing, but our culture is such that other than killing and eating some of the animals, we are only vaguely aware of some consciousness in our pets.


The weather has been warm and pleasant like it was last January, and I think we’re going to have another series of spectacular sunsets like I photographed last year around this time.

Photo credit - Carol

Our Treehouse Apartments Monday Music Fest expanded with the addition of Margaret Miller, our resident poet, who joined in the creativity and read some of her poetry.

It was a lot of fun and I look forward to Margaret being a regular part of our Monday get-togethers.

Tomorrow night, Thursday, the Shasta Blues Society will resume the blues jams after two weeks of holiday time off. I’m looking forward to playing with John and Mark and the rest of the musicians that populate Lulu’s for these Thursday night events.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Winging It

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