Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cold Rain

Snow On The Volcanoes

Well, the little sunflower that was getting so dried out was plenty wet today. The cold rain came in last night with the temperature in the 30s, but no snow here at the Treehouse yet.

I was going through some recent pictures of flowers, from the last month or so, trying to pick out one that would be perfect for Marian’s birthday card.

I found a few really gorgeous roses, and other flowers, that I spent the afternoon turning into art for Marian’s card.

I tried many different ways of making the images expressive, entertaining, and possibly something that Marian would enjoy.

Even this red ‘rosebud in the rain’ picture that I took today was a card candidate.

Fortunately, I also put together a piece of art, and a personal message that I sent to Marion by way of e-mail.

As I began sending Marian her e-card, I got an e-mail from her telling me how much she enjoyed her birthday on the 17th. I shall create an all new, belated birthday card tonight, or tomorrow.

At least I have a head start, and some pretty good ideas, for Marianne’s birthday next year.

I gave her a call this evening, and we talked about her birthday, the music that we play, and a lot of really nice things that we seem to have in common. I’m glad I called.

Happy 92nd trip around the sun, Marian.

This red and yellow flower was a surprise when I was out today taking pictures and I like the story it tells.

Also today I had a chance to edit these pictures with the new Adobe lightroom 4, beta version that I downloaded the other night. I found out that I enjoy the tools and process more than I figured I would on this photography offshoot of Photoshop.

I generally combine a variety of editing programs to get the results that please me, or hold my interest. This new program from Adobe, is a nice addition to my collection of imaging software.

I get to use this beta version until March 31 at which time those of us testing out Lightroom 4, will have to buy the finished product after we’ve worked out all the bugs in this beta version. It does a few things nicely and if the price is right I’ll probably get it.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Happy To Be

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