Sunday, January 29, 2012

Singing Love Songs

Not Just For The Birds

I was thinking about the universe as a big giant lump of Jell-O substance that had ever-changing viscosity, when I ran across this article about mice.

Article About Crooning Mice

The researchers evidently sought to record the sounds of the mice with ultrasonic capable capturing microphones, and to their surprise they discovered that the male mice were singing love songs to the females.

They found a lot of similarities to bird songs, which are used for the same purpose of wooing a potential mate. The singers that sang the best songs were the most likely to be chosen by the females. That’s no surprise to me.

Meanwhile back to the viscosity of the universe. I had combined the theories of quantum/holographic/and Einsteinian universes into one viscous glob of stuff in which all things were suspended. I think I was seeing a piece of the puzzling picture of existence.

It had actually started out as an explanation for another theory I had about pockets of gases in the cosmos through which our solar system passes.That theory had to do with the presence, or absence, of substances through which we are passing that would affect our mental capabilities, in some way explaining why we as a species could go thousands of years without any advancement and then around the turn of the-20th century the world exploded with inventors and inventions.

I felt I was really getting somewhere, the lightbulb over my head was brightly lit, I was using Dragon Express to do the typing, speaking quickly and excitedly as my thoughts began to coalesce.

Then the refrigerator cycled on, bringing my picture of the universe crashing down into a pile of gibberish and disjointed thoughts like Humpty Dumpty after the great fall.

The speech to text program could no longer understand what I was saying, and I could no longer hear what I was thinking during the rattle and roar of the refrigerator compression cycle.

I suppose this latest event was to remind me to ask the apartment manager for a new refrigerator. The eardrum rattling noises that this one makes are the antithesis of love songs.

In Other News;

The new backup drive is working just fine and I look forward to at least three years of backups until I need another one.

I am reading the new book, Revelation, by C. J. Sansom. This is the third book of his that I’ve enjoyed reading. They are set around the time of Henry VIII, and the hero is a humpbacked lawyer/detective who describes the people, politics, religion, economy, and environment, while solving the mysteries.

The moon and Sirius are appearing on the eastern horizon for a limited engagement just after sunset. This is provided that there are cloudless skies and less than Beijing levels of pollution.

Today’s Somewhat Appropriate Video;


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