Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Possible

In A Day Or Two

It was chilly enough to wear long-sleeved shirt today. Some people were even wearing jackets.

Mount Lassen, (behind me in the picture above), is awaiting the promised snowstorm.

I got up bright and early at the crack of noon today, or yesterday to be accurate. Had a delicious breakfast, didn’t cry over the spilled milk, and went outside to see what the day was like.

On my way to take pictures of the little sunflower, people were telling me that earlier, in the morning, it was only about 17°. That’s a bit chilly.

While I was on the patio, one of our local robins was calling to me to get my attention. Maybe he saw my camera and wanted his picture taken. The Robin certainly was following my every move. In this picture. (above), you can see how he, or she, is checking me out.

I took a few pictures of the rosebuds while the Robin watched, and then headed across to Doris’ apartment to see if her cactus was blooming. Sandi mentioned it when she was here on Monday, so I thought I would take a look.

I’m glad I took a look. Doris’ cactus was blooming, and looked beautiful.

The photographs, shown here today, haven’t been touched up or put through any of my fancy editing programs because they looked just fine as they were, (with the exception of the picture of me at the top of the page where I moved Mount Lassen up little closer for a more interesting composition).

For today’s appropriate song I mixed one of the songs from Mondays Treehouse Cabaret Music and Poetry Hour, and put it behind a little slide show of bees and butterflies visiting the flowers. I hope you enjoy it.

Today’s Somehow Appropriate Video

Old Sweet Song

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