Friday, January 20, 2012

Natural World

Of Wonder

Wet Puppy Rose

Well now, the rain continues and although I can’t see them I should imagine that the mountains are being covered in snow.

Here at the Treehouse it’s too warm for snow, (40°), so our flowers and little animals that live outside are enjoying a cold rainy day, and a dark and stormy night.


I went outside around one o’clock this afternoon to get the mail and to see if there were any pictures to be taken of the wet flowers. I took a few, but in order to keep the camera dry, I tried holding the camera up close to my eyes and looking in the display as if it was a viewfinder. The drawback in doing this is that my eyes, (and brain), would put the subject of my attention in the middle of my perceived composition even though it wasn’t actually there.

I did manage to get a couple of images with flowers vaguely in the middle where the camera could try to focus on them.

Work Of Art

Later I went back out and took some pictures with the flash so I would have something showing how pretty the rain drops were on the flowers. I think my favorite of that bunch, is the Wet Puppy Rose in the Light Rain, (top of page).

True Colors?

On Thursday, Apple introduced a new service for iBook textbooks on the iPad. At the same time they made available, at no charge, an application that allows one to write and publish iBooks for the iPad.

I’ve been waiting for something like this so that I can complete the iBook about a John Harrison Viola that I have been creating just for the iPad. I already had it nearly complete on Pages and Keynote, but I didn’t have a means to turn it into a iBook for the iPad.


This application for the Mac, which I’ve already downloaded and tried, will not only be instrumental in formatting the Viola iBook for the iPad, but also it allows me to publish the book on iBooks at the Apple Store.

Because of the nature of this Mac App, that I now have, the Viola iBook will have to be redesigned to utilize the templates that they provided. I don’t particularly care for their template designs, so I will need to design new templates for my book about the viola.

No problem. I have already redesigned one of their templates, and it wasn’t that tough.

“Tough” would be having to live in the natural world without all these modern conveniences, and without the gift of being in the barrel with the most clever monkeys on earth. (Yes, I know we are more closely related to apes, but a bunch of apes isn't called a barrel. Besides, we are related to everything on earth, and if it weren't for my thinking that many of you would get the mental image of a bunch of monkeys in a barrel and possibly smile, I could have used any living thing and the name we call a bunch of them. But then I couldn't call bananas 'clever', could I?)

Dry Under My Hat

I truly appreciate having a warm, dry, place to live, with plenty of food to eat, and many books to read. Life is good.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

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