Saturday, January 21, 2012

Break Between Storms

Sunshine, Too

The, ‘wet puppy in the rain’ rose is now the colorful rose in the sun with clouds and blue sky.

I wonder if the rain will help this sunflower pump up its petals once again? I will keep an eye on it and photograph its progress.

Shasta Bally, got a nice dusting of snow from Friday’s storm.

This flower, (pictured yesterday as a bedraggled, wet, soggy, yellow and red thing), was basking in the sun today.

Some of the flowers look even brighter and more cheerful since the rain. There are not a lot of roses left unless one looks carefully, deep in the bush, to find one or two still hiding from the rose pickers.

Snow On The Volcano

Just before sunset one of my neighbors came by to let me know that the clouds had lifted off of Mt. Shasta and that I might want to take a picture. I did.

I snapped a lot of pictures today and many of them were sufficiently interesting to want to share them with you. So today’s blog is less talk, more images.

I took this picture, (above), of the Treehouse Apartments building ‘A’, from Northpoint Drive, about a half mile away.

As I was putting on my slippers in the morning, I happened to notice that there is a lot of blue and brown in my world. Most of the things I have, just came to me when I needed them, so I didn’t really have much say in the color scheme. I really like these colors. Once again, I am thankful for my remarkably good fortune.

One last beautiful, colorful, character filled, yellow rose that escaped the stem choppers.

So, there you have a few pictures of the beauty that surrounds me here at the treehouse Apartments in Redding.

Now it’s time for me to get back to rewriting the iBook for the iPad about the John Harrison Viola. I made a lot of progress on it last night, once I figured out how to eliminate the backgrounds and shapes they have for the design templates in the iBook authoring program. With the dull and uninspiring frameworks removed, I could replace them with my own designs.

I designed a couple of my own templates for iBook pages to use for the viola book, and after I put together a few more I hope to try it out on an iPad to see what it looks like before doing the entire book.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;


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