Saturday, January 14, 2012

This Place Was Made For

Everyone and Everything

Yes, Tim Tebow, God loves Tom Brady, too.

If for some reason you weren’t following football this year, there is a quarterback who seemed to think that God favored him over the other quarterbacks because he would make a big demonstration of praying during the game. Tonight, his team went down in ignominious defeat.

Of course it seems absurd to think that God would care who wins or loses a football game, (or for that matter a war), but some people truly believe that’s the case. Who knows?

It seems to me that one simple definition of God might be; “possibilities”.

And, since all things are possible, maybe Tim Tebow lost because he didn’t say his prayers in the right order, or cadence, or direction, for the spell to work properly. Next year maybe he’ll say his prayers in the right key, all season long, and win the Super Bowl. It’s possible.

Perhaps he will learn a lesson about the difference between what is possible and what is probable. Or, maybe not. I may never know for certain, because I am a very long way from being a star athlete and really don’t know how the trained quarterback mind works.

What I do know is this world is filled with magic and wonder for anyone who wishes to experience it. I feel very fortunate to be in these circumstances that allow me to pursue and observe the boundless possibilities that we are given.

Tonight’s dinner was just perfect for me. Some steamed vegetables and breaded eggplant cutlets with a little bit of ground black pepper. Delicious.

When I was younger, everything I ate had to have some sort of sauce on it. Whether it be butter, ketchup, cheese sauce, salad dressing, steak sauce, or gravy, something had to be on my food.

Now that’s not so important, and I find myself savoring the taste of each vegetable, or other food item, that used to be buried in some sort of sauce.

I still like gravy and sauces on things I eat, but as a result of my limitations when cooking, I have learned to enjoy very basic preparations of foodstuffs.

Each day seems to open my eyes to some experience that I had previously overlooked. Such as today when I was taking pictures of the driveway roses. I happened to look up through the trees and noticed that I could see the top of Mt. Shasta.

When the trees and bushes have all their leaves this is not possible, but today, for that moment, under the circumstances, it was possible for me to see Mount Shasta from a new perspective.

I guess that’s what my point is this evening.

There is much to be gained by opening one’s mind, spirit, and physical senses to the world of possibilities. It seems that probabilities and certainties put limits on my perceptions and development during life’s journey. Possibilities, on the other hand, are endless.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Love And Happiness

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