Monday, January 9, 2012

In The Evening

Colors Remain

Amy Goodman is coming to Redding on January 14 to give a talk and raise money for our local public television station, KIXE. If you know something about our country’s renowned journalists and reporters, you will know that Amy Goodman is among the very best we’ve got.

Our local right-wing talk radio station has its listeners all in a tizzy because this liberal, woman, progressive, reporter is coming to town.

You may have seen Amy Goodman’s television news program, Democracy Now, on your public television stations. Depending on just how conservative the management is her show will either be on at a reasonable time in evening, or at three or four in the morning. Either way is the best news that you can possibly find on radio, or television.

You can also watch, read, or listen to Amy Goodman on line at

It was fun to watch the moonrise this Sunday evening, and get a few pictures of the sunset as well. This is the second night I’ve done this, and it’s been a lot of fun.

The moon was actually, officially full at 12:47 PM during the day on Sunday, but it looked full to me on Saturday night, and Sunday night.

So there you have it. Another glorious full moon, stunning sunset, and the promise of another day just like it.

The weather forecast as a 20% chance of rain for tomorrow, Tuesday, but the way it looks now that’s an awful slim 20% chance.

The weather was warm enough today, to where I wore shorts, sandals and a Hawaiian shirt. This is pretty nice weather for January, and is very much like it was last year.

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