Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Climate Change

Accepted Here

Hello from warm and beautiful Redding in January.

The days continue to be comfortably warm and the nights continue to be comfortably cool.

Flowers are still growing, and looking beautiful. The bees are still buzzing and the birds are still singing.

There’s no local shortage of water for this year or even the next year even though we haven’t got our typical amounts of rain yet this season. But, the water around here is shared with other parts of the state, and they may have to cut back on water wasting commercial agricultural practices when we don’t get plenty of rain and snow to keep the reservoirs filled with reserves.

Some people from Shasta dam are coming to talk to the Treehouse residents tomorrow. We had people from Shasta dam come down and talk last year and it was well worth the time. It was informative and entertaining presentation for those of us that attended. (Link)

I drove up to Shasta Lake around 4:30 this afternoon to take a look at the lake water level and to get some pictures of the sunset on the mountain. It was beautiful.

We have a bunch of new sunflowers popping up in various places around the Treehouse grounds.

Tony, our maintenance man, was explaining to me this morning that it was the result of birds feeding on the sunflowers that were growing out behind the office last year.

I would’ve probably missed them all together except that my neighbor, Jo Anna, told me about the sunflower growing behind the dining room. Thank you, Jo Anna.

On Monday afternoons our Treehouse Cabaret and Coffee House Band has been expanding. We have added poetry with our resident poet Margaret Miller, and  Kathern, our apartment manager, has added her voice to the band. More and more Treehouse residents are attending and participating in the festivities.

At today’s monthly meeting, we promoted the Monday Music Fest. Peggy and I performed a few tunes, Kathern joined us for a couple, and the crowd sang along on some of the songs.

Rare and exotic sunflower bird.

It’s nice to see how our live music is contributing to a heartfelt sense of community for many of the residents. I certainly see a lot more smiles and happy faces among my neighbors here at the Treehouse Senior Apartments, since we’ve been making music a regular weekly event.

Life is good.

Today’s Relatively Appropriate Song;

Warm Wishes

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